Our advisors have gifts that allow them to assist you on your path through life -   not pave the way for you. A psychic reading should be used as a tool to guide you in the direction that will bring you optimal happiness. Readings are based on the influences currently at work in your life and, are by no means, written in stone. Our advisors can only tell you what they see now. Your reading will always be determined by the decisions that you  have made to get to this point in your life

Always keep an open mind and don’t get upset if a reader doesn’t see it “your” way. If you continue to dwell on a situation the negative energy that you create can actually negate that reading. Remember that your everyday decisions mold your future, so keep thinking positively and turn it over to God!
Try to be as calm and clear as you can when speaking with our advisors. While we understand that certain situations are more stressful than others, it is impossible for us to get coherent information from you and give you a good reading if you are extremely upset.

Remember we are highly sensitive people who can pick up your anxiety and emotions which can negatively influence the accuracy of your reading.

Things to Remember…     

Only God is 100% accurate. As situations evolve you are making new decisions that can alter the outcome of any reading.

80% of the world’s population is here to learn about relationships, which is why relationships are so important to us as humans.

We are here to empower you, not tell you what you want to hear. Our advisors tell you what you are supposed to hear to encourage you on your journey through life, which is generally the direction the Universe wants you to go.

We care about you and want you to understand that it is not in your best interest to ask the same question over and over. While our advice may not be what you are hoping for, we are not going to tell you something different just because you continue to phrase the question differently. Sometimes it is best to allow the energy to settle between readings. Energy has cycles and rhythms and sometimes it is in your best interest to wait until the cycle has shifted to get another reading on the same question/situation. We will do our best to ensure you do not become overly dependent on us, seeking to empower you to make effective decisions necessary to live our life.

Nothing is set in stone. We can only provide a picture of where the energy is flowing at the moment. You are a divine spark of the Universe and can change projected outcomes at anytime by exercising your FREE WILL.
It is usually better to have a question ready for the advisor although we are happy to provide general readings about what may or  may not be coming into your life. A proactive question is something like: What could I do to have the relationship I want to have in my life? ~OR~ What could I do to make my situation better? It is often helpful to take a moment before calling and ask your motive for the question you want to ask. Sometimes when you ask a question, the advisor gets the
motivation for the question and this is often the Universe’s way of warning you that you are about to take a wrong turn on your life journey and that you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing. This may not be something that you want to hear.

Please do not test us or seek to provide inaccurate information to see how good an advisor is. This will result in an inaccurate reading, wasting the advisors time as well as your time and money.

We will not sell you spells to manipulate the God-given FREE WILL of others into loving you. We will not offer to sell you aura cleansings or candle burning meditations so please don’t ask. We WILL give you advice and guidance on how to improve your current situation and empower you to be the best that you can be.

Please remember that we are psychic advisors who interpret information provided from a higher source. We are not psychologists, lawyers, doctors or other professionals who address behavioral, emotional or legal issues. The advice or guidance you receive is not a substitute for professional advice that you would normally receive from a licensed professional.      

All clients are ultimately responsible for their own decisions, choices and actions. We can provide guidance to help you on your journey but you have free will to make the most of your situation. By purchasing a reading with The Circle of Goddesses you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree with the above disclaimer.   Any prediction or other message that you receive is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional. The information and advice given on and through the readings you receive is to be treated purely for your entertainment purposes only.



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