OUR TECHNOLOGY PARTNER uses the technology provided by Click4Advisor to handle our
  phone call routing and billing. Click4Advisor uses a click-to-talk technology
  that connects clients to advisors through the Click4Advisor switchboard.
  Before speaking with any adviser, you need to have an account with the
  Click4Advisor service. If you are not currently a Click4Advisor customer,
  you maybe register

  Click4Advisor is a cutting-edge technology platform that allows web visitors
  to be connected to advisors anonymously using standard telephone lines.
  The Click4Advisor service offers a secure process for clients to speak with
  our expert psychics allowing each party to maintain their privacy. You will
  not be asked to reveal your private phone numbers to the psychic nor will
  ours be shown to the client. With Click4Advisor we keep the personal
  information of both the caller and psychic confidential. This information is
  stored within the Click4Advisor system and both the caller and advisor will
  only be able to see each others user name. If you want to email your
  psychic, you  may do so from within the Click4Advisor email and messaging

  You can speak with any of our expert psychic advisers by clicking on their
  Click4Advisor call buttons directly. If the Call button shows
Call Me Now
  for Live Advice
the advisor is available to take your call. If the Call button
Not Here Now Request a Callback
the advisor may not have their
  call light on, but she still may be able to take your call if you Request a
  Callback. When you click on the Click4Advisor call buttons, a pop-up
  window appears asking for your log on credentials and phone number. The
  Click4Advisor service calls you and when you press '1' to accept the call,
  they route the call to the psychic you selected.

  If the psychic advisor is not available you can choose to request a callback
  by entering the number of hours you are willing to wait. Click4Advisor
notifies your psychic via email that you have arranged a call with them and
  hey will log on to take your call as soon as possible. If you would like to
  arrange your callback at a specific time, you may schedule an appointment.

  Click4Advisor also has a 1800 Dial-in service. By calling 1-888-626-7386,
the Click4Advisor dial-in service allows registered users to access the
  Click4Advisor system when you are away from your computer. To use
  Click4Advisor dial-in service you will need your own private dial-in ID and
  personal PIN which you obtain online from within the Click4Advisor system
  to create your own personal account. You will also need the Click4Advisor
  dial-in IDs for the psychic you wish to connect with.

  Your account balance will be deducted for the number of minutes you speak
  to your psychic at their published per minute rate of $3.99. If your balance
  runs down to 1 minute left, you will receive an alert and an option to add
  more money to continue the call. If your balance depletes and you are
  disconnected, you call always log on to your account and deposit more f
  unds to your balance to get more advice.


  If you already have a click4advisor account, you can use your existing logon information
  when making a call from, by selecting the SIGN IN button in the main menu.
  In doing so, you accept the
Member Agreement  enforced by




All clients are ultimately responsible for their own decisions, choices and actions. We can provide guidance to help you on your journey but you have free will to make the most of your situation. By purchasing a reading with The Circle of Goddesses you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree with the above disclaimer.   Any prediction or other message that you receive is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional. The information and advice given on and through the readings you receive is to be treated purely for your entertainment purposes only.

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